The Spanish Bible Issue - Dr. Gomez

By Dr. Humberto Gomez December 18, 2004


I believe that by now most of you are interested and concerned about this issue. All our Bibles in Spanish have textual problems, some more than others. Unfortunately most of our Spanish preacher friends are in denial concerning the several mistakes that we have in our Spanish Bibles. One of the reasons why they are in denial is because they feel that they have been insulted and attacked, and in some instances they are right.

Painfully there have been attacks from one side, and retaliations from the other. For us to reconcile (which we must do, and we will, I hope), it will take from all of us Independent Baptist preachers: time, willingness, and something that we all have lack of - "Humility". We must humble ourselves for the cause of Christ, for the good of our people and for the salvation of this lost and dying world.

But we felt that it would take more than that in order to solve the issue.We had to produce: "A good, solid translation or revision of our Spanish Bible," one that will rise to the challenge; that has to be better than all the revisions we now have; a Bible pure to the text, and also, perfect in our language. One that will make us stand tall and proud, one that will allow us to say without an apology: "These are the Words of God in Spanish," an accurate Spanish translation of the inspired, inerrant, infallible, preserved, and perfect Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek Words that underlie it. A revision that will unite us.  By the Grace of God we believe we have produced one.


We believe that we can have both a good solid Bible translation, 100% pure to the text, "The Textus Receptus" and also have it written in a good perfect language.

This has been our goal, We have put both together. Not one at the expense of the other. Let me tell you of how we became interested in doing a new revision of our Bible. I was saved in the year 1971 and was lead to the Lord by a man that used the 1909 Bible, the one that I have proudly used for 33 years.

About 20 years ago, a preacher friend (Dr. Jack Woods of Houston) asked me to read Daniel 3:25. My Bible read:

Then he showed me that the KJV read Then later on I read Then Psalms 68:11, in my Bible and all Spanish Bibles it reads: Would you like your KJV to read: The Lord gave the word; great was the host of the evangelist ladies."? And the mistakes kept piling up one after another.

Years back I heard about somebody making a revision that was going to solve this issue, and I was very happy to hear about it. Unfortunately when I read it the language was terribly ridiculous and even painful. The same can be said of some other new revisions. We waited, and waited with much prayer until finally we could wait no longer.

With fear and much prayer in the year 2000 we ventured to do a revision of our Spanish Bible. This was a very difficult decision because we feel that we are not worthy of such a sacred task, or equipped to do a job of such great magnitude. But we also know that we can not limit the Holy One of Israel.


To accomplish this work we have put parallel the Textus Receptus, the 1909 Spanish Bible, and King James. We have gone verse by verse making sure first of the purity of the text and then comparing the 1909 with the Authorized KJV. Every single verse that did not line up with the TR or the KJV we immediately corrected. Because not all the words mean the same in every language we have used the best words available in our Spanish language, the words that have the most meaning, never contradicting the TR or the KJV.


1. First and foremost 100% Loyalty to the Pure Text, Textus Receptus for the New Testament, and to the Masoretic Text for the Old Testament.

2. Apply all the beauty of our Spanish language with all its romanticism, prose, and elegance. (The more I studied my language, the more I am convinced that in heaven we all are going to be speaking Spanish.) 2. Apply all the beauty of our Spanish language with all its romanticism, prose, and elegance. (The more I studied my language, the more I am convinced that in heaven we all are going to be speaking Spanish.)

3. Apply all the beauty, and accuracy of the King James Bible that can be applied to our language, without having to butcher, or distort, or destroy our language.


We have attempted to correct every mistranslation. We have attempted to correct every verse that was not in line with the TR and the KJV. We added all the words that were omitted, and we have removed all the words that were added, and we feel we have a perfect text.


Here are some examples of the poverty of the translations of our Spanish Bibles, and how we have improved it and made it better, using the terminology of the King James Bible.

   The 1602, 1865, and 1909 use the word "salud" (health) instead of "Salvacion" (salvation); The word "cubierta" (lid) instead of "propiciatorio" (mercy seat); The word "parte" instead of portion), and many more.
   Our Bible reads much better by removing the words "salud, parte, cubierta," and using the words "salvation, portion, mercy seat," and the word "hell" instead of hades. There are more than 2000 examples that I can give you concerning the betterment of our language in our revision.
   We have traveled to different countries, Chile, Argentina, Peru, USA, and of course Mexico. We have gathered the priceless opinions of many men of God concerning the language in their country, and have taken every opinion into consideration. We have been very careful not to insult Men, Bibles, or Ministries; we are trying to unite not to divide; if the truth divides so be it, but we must not divide because of our stubbornness or stupidity.
   In our opinion, our Bible is perfect and ready to be preached. However we have an open heart, and mind. If a godly person has an opinion regarding text, or grammar, we will take a serious consideration because we want the best for our people.


Here are some of the things that we will love to see and hear. We would love that when our Spanish speaking preacher friends read their Bible they will read the word salvation, instead of salud; that when they read their Bibles, they will read: , not the gates of Hades, but the gates of hell. Not in hades, but in hell. If a church has a printing ministry, and wants to print the word of God, to be given freely, they don’t have to ask permission to do so. Neither do they have to pay royalties to ecumenical groups, nor to us. They will be able to print it and give it to the people without paying us royalties, not now, not ever.

In Conclusion I will call on all my Spanish Speaking Brethren to get together around this extremely serious matter. Let’s put aside personal ambitions or personal offences. What I am presenting to you, in my opinion, is the perfect word of God. But here it is for you to read and examine; if you can find anything in it, that is not Textus Receptus , or if you can find anything that is not written in a good and perfect Spanish, we will immediately correct it, for the good of our people and for the glory of the Lord. If any of you come up with a revision that proves to be better than ours, more perfect, more accurate, we will move aside and rally around it because this issue is not about me, or you. It is about The Word, and for the benefit of our people and for the salvation of this lost and dying world.