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July 17, 2013

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The intertwined history of the preservation of the Spanish and English Bibles.

In researching for this book, I was fascinated with how much the stories of the Spanish and English Bibles intertwine. There is a good reason for this. The history of all preserved Bibles starts out the same way. God made choices throughout history, of a people (Israel), of original languages (Hebrew and Greek), and of how He would preserve His words (through faithful believers, not through doubting scholars). That is why the first part of this book is virtually the same as the English book, Did the Catholic Church Give Us the Bible?

At the time of the Reformation in the 1500s, while many other Bible translations split into different histories, God’s Spanish story weaves together with the English Bible story. The same names and dates pop up for English and Spanish believers, for different reasons, but for the same purpose: to bring God’s holy and preserved words to their people.

The Spanish story of the Bible is enriched by knowing the English story. And the English story is made more full by knowing the Spanish story.

But there a is warning as well. Just as the English speakers have had a devilish revolution of doubt in modern Bibles, so Spanish is beginning that same struggle. Will God’s words win out? Only if we learn from history and stick to God’s preserved words.

Did Rome Give Us the Spanish Bible? has two more chapters and is about 20% larger than its English counterpart, and has much important information that is not so well-known. But when Spanish-speaking brothers and sisters learn the true reason for the new Spanish Bible versions, and what the English speaking “scholars” thought of them, they may seriously reconsider trusting them and their Jesuit associates, choosing instead to trust God’s preserved words in Spanish.

Table of Contents

• Preface • The Purpose of This Book

Chapter 1: A Short History of the Bible-God's Own Words • A Quick Summary • What Are "Original Autographs?" • God Wants Perfect Copies • The Old Testament History Books • The Old Testament Writings • The Three Categories of the Old Testament • The Old Testament Major Prophets • The Old Testament Minor Prophets • The New Testament Books

Chapter 2: The Northern & Southern Streams-Antioch & Alexandria • The Northern Stream-Antioch • The Southern Stream-Alexandria • The Southern Stream: Origen Was the Origin! • The Northern Stream-Old Latin

Chapter 3: The Caesars Change Costumes • Constantine-The Last Caesar • What Constantine Wanted • What Constantine Left Behind

Chapter 4: The Beginning of the Roman "Church" • Formed in Just One Century • Counterfeit Christianity • The Faithful Vaudois

Chapter 5: Light Shines in the Dark Ages • The "Threat" of John Wycliffe • The Printing Press of Gutenberg • The Greek New Testament of Erasmus

Chapter 6: Reformation-and Revenge • The Reformation in Germany-Martin Luther • God's Pattern of Preserving His Words • The Reformation in England-William Tyndale • Reformation-and Revenge • The Counter-Reformation-Ignatius of Loyola • The Counter-Reformation-Steps One and Two • The Counter-Reformation-The Council of Trent • The Counter-Reformation-Inquisition • The Reformation in Spain: Enzinas' New Testament • The Reformation in Spain: a Spanish Old Testament • The "Holy Office" of the Inquisition • The Reformation in Spain: God's Little Smuggler • The Spanish Empire Strikes Back: the Auto de Fe • The Reformation in Spain: Reina and Valera • The Counter-Reformation-The Jesuits • The Rulers of England: Catholic or Protestant? • The Counter-Reformation-The Spanish Armada • Summary

Chapter 7: The King of English Bibles • The Desire of King James • The Gunpowder Plot • King James' Bible • The Struggle after King James • The Power of the King James Bible • Summary

Chapter 8: The Jesuits Attack • Jesuit Missions-and Hatred • The Jesuit Attack on the Bible • The "Tractarian Movement" • The "Westcott & Hort" Bible • Satan Finally Succeeds

Chapter 9: Valera's Vision • Fulfilling Valera's Vision • Nida's Own Vision • Pastors' Objections to Nida's Vision • What Godly Pastors Wanted • Nida's Sneaky Plan • Nida's 2-Part Solution • The Real Purpose of Many Bible Societies • The Versión Popular: One Bible to Fool Them All • The Move for an Ecumenical Bible • The Rome-Approved Hebrew and Greek • First Spanish... Then the World • Subtle Changes in the Text • Many Changes, Many Bibles

Chapter 10: Valera's Vision Restored • To Whom Much is Forgiven • The Missing Pieces of the Puzzle • Checking and Rechecking • Settling the Spanish Text • Taking Responsibility for the Translation • The Revenge of the Bible Publishers

Chapter 11: Look Where We Are Today • Bibles Are Big Business • The Master Plan

Chapter 12: Showdown • Why No Revival? • The Choice • The Right Choice

Appendix: Extra Reading and References • A. For Further Reading • B. The "Faith" of Westcott & Hort

Indexes • Bibliography • Subject Index